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Natural Makeup Remover Wipes

Natural Makeup Remover Wipes

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These Makeup remover wipes are all natural infused with essential oils which promote healthy skin. These wipes are completely free of toxins and harmful chemicals that you do not want on your face.

The ingredients in conventional makeup remover wipes can leave your skin dry and irritated. To preserve the shelf life of makeup removing wipes the manufacturers use preservatives, so you could be exposing your skin to formaldehyde-releasing chemicals commonly found in preservatives.


To Use:

At the end of the day, I take a wipe and hold it over my eye with my eyes closed, then once it has sat there for 10 seconds or so I gently rub it around on my eyes to finish removing my eye makeup. Repeat for other eye. Then I flip the wipe over and use the other side to wipe the rest of my face. It removes foundation without a problem and it will gently cleanse the oil and dirt off your face. After I have done that I get a fresh wash cloth and run it under really hot water. Get it nice and hot(but not so hot it burns you!) and hold it over my face for 10 seconds or so. Kind of like a steam facial. You should try it. Then I gently use the warm wash cloth to wipe my face and voila – my face is completely clean and feels soft and moisturized – not dry, tight and stripped of all oil. Then I fiiish by applying Plain Jane Body Butter.